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Re: Reply to Keith - The End is Near

Aug 31, 1996 02:57 PM
by Ann E. Bermingham

>I agree that this is one of the great special attractions and blessing of the
>theosophical perspective: to give the world and the individual as many chances
>at it . . .

 From what I understand, the chances aren't quite endless.  There's a 
set time in which if you don't get caught up with the group, you get 
set back for more remedial work.

>I have more or less stated that I have been a bit of a wastrel.

How titillating!

>I have tried not to understand the folk expression: "only the good die young,"
but am coming to >understand it more everyday.

I thought that was just a line from a Billy Joel song.  Some anti-Catholic thing
where he suggested that Catholic high school girls fling off their uniforms and
better yet, throw off their inhibitions.

>I have worked with the elderly quite closely.  I have seen them lying in their
>own urine and feces, in incredible pain and still insist that they wanted to
>live that they had the TV and life was "wonderful".

Consider that many mentally depressed people, of all ages, whether due to
physical or emotional problems are eager to kill themselves.  That suggests that
the viewpoint of whether life is wonderful or terrible lies in one's

>The relatives and hospital staff wondered with me at the meaning of these
"burdens" to >others. What lessons could they be teaching?  Do I want to know?
I wonder if some are
>given the special role of "dying young" - for seemingly no reason and living a
>long time -seemingly with out meaning.

The purpose of the Soul can be far different from that of the personality in
terms of meaning.  I heard a very wise woman say that some people only live for
3 minutes and accomplish what they came here to do.  We are spirits acting
through masks.

>These are the elements of fate and karma
>that are the hardest to look at for me.  Does my suffering force me to CREATE
>meaning where none exists? If all is maya, and suffering is maya, can I fool
>fooler, can I create an illusion of love, hope and joy?  Is this the real
>meaning of slay the slayer?

If you can establish contact with the Soul/Ego, you can use intuitive powers to
see behind the veil of illusion, material and astral, and into the meanings and
purpose behind things.  Of course, these are only words.  It makes more sense to
experience it.

Love, hope and joy is no illusion.  It springs forth from your spiritual core
like an unending fountain.  That is why yogis, Theosophists and holy men
everywhere pursue it with more fervor than if they were looking for a gold mine.

> The divine fool by being connected to the higher
>becomes the magician that can transmute even though he is walking off the cliff
>with the damn hound yapping at this butt :)

Well put!

Namaste to you,
Ann E. Bermingham

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