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Aug 31, 1996 01:05 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

> this blockage that
>had been placed against teaching people that psychic phenomena can be
>encouraged and sensibly managed.

Bee, you started me athinking. I think this blockage is caused by fear of
the unknown, also by the experiences psychic children and adults have often
had. The parents either think the kids are imagining things, or they tell
them not to do it, or some such foolishness, which confuses & discourages
the kids. I know a few psychic adults, and, until very recently they've most
often had to hide their gifts, because they were misunderstood, treated as
liars and quacks, sometimes were even threatened by the Law ... but it all
boils down with that hardly anyone really knows how to handle psychism, and
is afraid of it. With this new interest in the subject coming in, I'm often
amused at the TV ads of psychics, where their clients praise the marvelous
talents of the psychic who has been able to tell them all about their past
history. The clients don't know that one of the easiest things for a psychic
person to do is read another's thoughts, and from that get all the
information about them very easily.
 So if, as Bee rightly says, people are interested in ESP at this era, what
has just occurred to me is that we Theosophists could be of service. When
you push all the negative things we do about psychism aside, we do have a
few capable psychics in our midst, and we have lots of literature describing
psychic experiences. We also have any number of people, such as myself, who
have come in longterm contact with some psychics and know at least something
about how it works. So why not use what we know, and teach the others? I
think that would be helpful.


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