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Re: Kill out desire! - The End is Near

Aug 31, 1996 05:04 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham


>If you remember the movie "Excalibur" by John Boorman (a favorite of
>mine), Lancelot goes from being the knight in shining armor to a flagelant
>iteneratant preacher with a small flock following him through the the
>devastation caused by his love affair with Guineverre which poisoned Camelot.
>He is similar reduced to obscurity that is less that useful and a little funny
>in a pitiable way.

Sounds like a Pisces.  Let's party, then repent.

>The job of the repentant one seems not so much as to be self-flagelating in
>killing out desires, but to be useful again as he was destructive before.

More useful, as the repentant learns the right use of his/her energy, rather
than the suppression or wrong use of it.

As for ends, the end is always near.  I just read an obit in the morning paper
for a 23-year-old woman whose small plane went down in Botswana.  We never know
when the end of our storyline is going to happen (unless you're psychic).  The
only sane approach is to realize that as personalities we are finite creatures
drawn and fleshed out by our Souls, who working through us gains knowledge
(gnosis) and wisdom in a particular lifetime, then withdraws to contemplate the
lessons and plan for the next venture into matter.  The end is always near, but
so is the beginning.

- Ann E. Bermingham

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