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On understanding and insight.

Aug 28, 1996 07:52 PM
by Anna S Bjornsdottir & Einar Adalsteinsson

Some thoughts on understanding and insight.

I want to share with you all some thoughts. What I say is not the truth, not
even a truth. They are only my thoughts, so don't believe it!

I think that we should probe a little into what it is "to understand".
Usually we say that we understand this or that, and then we are pretty
content about it. We hear something, and we understand that, something vague
is explained to us, or we figure somthing out, and then we have understood
that bit. In this way we think that we can collect so much understanding, as
we go on with life, that we will be pritty soaked with understanding when we
get old. But is it so? Is understanding related to accumulated knowledge or
logical and analytical thinking, or is it somthing entirely different? What
really happnes within, when we come upon a real big understanding? Don't
look at me. Look inside yourself an find out on your own.

I will try to tell you what I think I find when I look inside.

I think real understanding is a state of mind. It usually comes as a flash,
an insight, and then it's gone. What remains after it is gone, is only a
memory of understanding, something I now think I undestand. But the memory
is dull compared to the real moment of insight, and it works as a drug on
your mind. You get easily addicted to what you think you have onderstood,
which is what we call our opinions or views. We cherish our views, fend them
and promote them, even kill for them.

But the moment of understanding or insight is entirely different. There is a
bliss, our body and our entire being rejoices in delight and ecstacy for a
very short moment. There is a total freedom and unconditioned love involved.
Not only do we undestand the problem at hand, but we simply understand
everything for a fleeting moment. But then it's gone. In most cases we dont
even notice. Our mind is all on the memory, the thing that we think we were
so fortunate to understand. But the insight is all gone. No bliss, no
ecstasy, no freedon, no love. Everything is as before, eccept for the new
toy of mind, new piece of opinion to cherish, new attachment to the drug of
conviction. We see this all around us, in other people, but can we see this
in ourselves?

So when you next try to understand something, be aware of the symtoms of
real insight - inner delight, feeling of freedom, loving kindess and total
unlimited insight. It will be there, every time, if you only notice it. Try
it out for yourself. Dn't take my word for it (or anyone else's for that

Or as I said before...DOOOON'T YOOOOU BEEELEEEVE IT!!!!

Einar, from the land of ice and fire....

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