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Robert Muller & the WCC

Aug 25, 1996 11:57 AM
by Jim Meier

About a week ago, someone on the list wrote that Robert Mueller was a
lunatic.  This was in regards to an event relating to a book review in the
current Quest; my issue hadn't arrived at the time I read the posting, so I
wasn't sure if Robert Mueller meant Robert Muller, former Assistant
Secretary to the United Nations (pesky German names; there's always too many
vowels, and it's hard to tell if there should be an umlaut over them or not).

Anyway, my Quest finally arrived and it is in fact Robert Muller who was
referenced.  Since I think of him as a hero rather than a lunatic, I'd like
to present an alternate opinion.

OF AGNI YOGA (R.H.H.; ISBN 0-87728-530-6), there are several references to
"a New Age school in Texas" doing wonderful things with education of young
people.  That is the Robert Muller School in Arlington, Texas, which is an
accredited alternative school for 0years - 12th grade studies.  The earlier
years are taught on a program of "balanced beginnings", which is based on
maximizing the newborn & infant neural pathways, and later grades are taught
using the World Core Curriculum developed by Robert Muller.  There is a
homepage at  and also
which gives a lot of information about the various programs but in a
nutshell, the World Core Curriculum is based on the principle of Four Harmonies:

1) Our Planetary Home and Place in the Universe: relates the infinitely
small to the infinitely large and shows the inter-relatedness of the Whole.
The expanse of planetary knowledge is essential to enlighten self-interest
and to teach children about the international cooperation which is needed
for responsible world citizenship.

2) Our Human Family: deals with the various human groups and teaches the
beauty and meaning of diversity.  Underlying diversity is the sense of
Oneness which relates all people, and this is the foundation which leads to
an understanding of peace and goodwill for all who inhabit this world.

3) Our Place in Time: reveals evolutionary development.  We must embrace the
past as that from which we have learned to deal with the present and
recognize the vision which is needed in order to build the future.  From
such a perspective we gain a vision of the continuum of Life.

4)  The Miracle of Individual Human Life: brings to education the idea of
the uniqueness of the individual and true human fulfillment in planetary
existence. It brings transforming joy to the individual, being a part of the
human kingdom which is not only the most ingenious and creative of all of
earth's kingdoms but also that which presents the greatest opportunity to be
right servers of the planet and the universe.

All of which seems pretty Theosophical to me.

In the words of Dr. Catherine Clark,
  "Our greatest effort at this time is to work constantly towards right
human relations, because such is the ground upon which a new world can
emerge.  A revolution in education is needed for a suitable model on which
to build a new education.  The World Core Curriculum is a positive and
powerful model for this effort, because it is universal in its scope and
provides each student with a dynamic sense of belonging and responsibility
in the realization of the one humanity.  This realization is the ultimate
goal of our journey here in the earth, and it is for our children that we
must provide this, for they are our ultimate investment."

There is a short interview with Dr. Muller in the summer 1995 issue of the
World Goodwill Newsletter, which can be referenced at


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