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Re: Voice of Silence - silence

Aug 26, 1996 03:04 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

Serge King's interpretation is that there isn't anything *but* the present.
Your memories of the past are whatever you remember of the event in the
present (your present memories may not be exactly what happened ...
according to psychological experiments, are most probably not what really
happened ( besides which, various people perceived the event in various ways
to begin with); your expectations of the future are whatever you decide to
expect in the present (it may not be what will happen, it's only as you
expect or plan it to happen ). You perceive directly some of what is
presently happening. You cannot really perceive anything else directly,
except what is happening right now. 2 minutes down the road it's already a
memory. One minute before it happens it's only an expectation , and not yet
an event.



>On Mon, 26 Aug 1996, Keith Price wrote:
>> The first page has the interesting injuction:  "The Mind is the Slayer of the
>> Real.  Let the Disciple slay the Slayer." - HPB
>     I see a parallel to what Krishnaji has been speaking about when he
>says that mind always works in the past and thus obstructs our view and
>thus understanding. May be HPB is saying the same. When you go beyond
>mind - the real intelligence which is not part of mind sees things as
>they are. Just a thought.
>	..Ramadoss

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