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Midsummer Madness - Remembrance of Things Past

Aug 25, 1996 11:07 PM
by Keith Price

I often try to meditate in the afternoon at work.  I read a little of the VOS
and listen to some calming music.  I had something very close to a past life
regression recently during one of these meditations.  I know that most people
believe that much of these "ideas" and experiences come from the astral plane or
are just wishful thinking and more Maya and to be ignored, but.... This was so
powerful and convincing emotionally that I thought I might share it and see what
others may think. I had overwhelming feelings of sadness and my whole body shook
as I cried.  I wonder if I am having cryptonesia, where I remember something I
heard or read and am presenting it to myself as a past life memory when it is
only a memory plus fanatasy.

Anyway,  I suddenly experinced myself as a child.  I realized that I had spent
an entire life sick in a bed.  I was attended somtime courteously, sometimes
not.   I remember a lot a pain associated with being a sick child.  I was
frustrated all the time.  I was placated and attended, but nothing made me
happy.  I thought that only people who could walk around and looked healthy
could ever really be happy on earth.  I remember I had the ability to slip out
of my body and gained a lot of experince doing this as a way to escape the pain
of being strapped to a bed and in constant pain and torment of the medical

I also remember that there were some kind of experiments being performed.  I
felt as if I were being used in some horrible way.

I thought about the experince later and wondered if the people were not using me
to harness the kundalini energy in my body in some way and this kept me sick and
debilitated.  I wonder if the secret of the Atlantean magicians was not the
harnessing of the Sun in crystals, but the transfer of human spiritual energy
into crystals for control of the elements as well as mind control.  The Pluto in
Leo as symbol of the Age of Atlantis as Age of Leo may have something to do with
this idea as Pluto is the symbol ot the desire to use and control subterranean
energies.   The caduesus, the scepter and orb are remnants of the kings
privilege to harness the kundalini - spiritual fire of humanity.  It can be
brought down to the earth for selfish controlling ends or it can be used to
guide and set humantiy on a path to accelerated freedom.

Aquarius shows the kundalini spiritual fire being poured out from the stars to
all of humanity.  I hope we don't have to wait for Pluto to go into Aquarius
before we can experience the freeedom that this would imply.
Attempts at mind control are always in the shadows of mass movements like
National Socialism and the cults which will not let their members defect.
Mind control is more powerful than control of behavior.   The ability to direct
spiritual energy would indeed affect the entire planet.  Like atomic energy it
would unleash powerful forces .  Purity and power rarely go together.  Power
corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, as the saying goes.   I guess
this is why Blavatsky harps on purity of motive free from selfishness, egotism
and hedonism  when contacting spiritual energies available to the Silent
Listener to the Voice of the Silence.

Has anyone read anything like this in Cayce or anywhere,  am I remebering this
from somewhere or is it only Midsummer Madness?

Keith Price

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