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Cayce interview vs. tsa problems?

Aug 23, 1996 05:21 PM
by John E. Mead

>In short, I was made to feel fully, unambiguously welcome in a
>way that makes up for some wounds of the past.  And left feeling
>a great optimism about the future of Cayce scholarship and of
>the movement itself.

that's nice to see in a old/mature organization.
(one in exestence for years after the founders death).

any ideas why the TSA has problems,  and the cayce org. does
not. ??  is it due to the people, structure, or lack of an
esoteric-leader(s) who assumed they had a position to fulfill
as "leaders"?  i.e. no ES as an inner circle of elite?

 peace -

john e. mead

John E. Mead
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