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Re: M. Bertiaux

Aug 23, 1996 04:27 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>In the Chicago area Michael Bertiaux is a super biggie among gnostics.  My
>own line of succession is through him.  And the stuff he is into is actually
>quite the done thing for gnostics in this part of the world.
	Chuck, I can tell from his book that he Knows what he
is talking about.  Its his screwy names for things, and his weird
humor that keep throwing me off.  But it is probably done on
purpose ala Crowley (whose "Holy Guardian Angel" remains
an embarrassment for me).

>Of course his work with the Qlipoth has been known to raise even my hairs on
>occasion, which may explain why I can never quite remember how to spell his
	What is he doing that is any different from Kenneth Grant's
Tunnels of Set?  I can't imagine anything raising your hairs, Chuck.

	Jerry S.
	Member, TI

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