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Re: Response to Paul K.

Aug 21, 1996 03:48 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>1. Intentionality, or effort require a sense of the "ego" or "I".
	You may have the cart before the horse.  I view it
as the intentionality (focusing) of consciousness that creates
the ego.

>2. Is it at all relevant to discuss consciousness as seperate from the ego,
>the way that many theosophists and Krishnamurti do? Personally, I don't
>think so, and find K's expression "choiceless awareness" has nothing to do
>with consciousness. Many Eastern religions speak of transcending the "ego".
>Sure, it can be done - but then once the ego is transcended, is there any
>consciousness left?
	Any yogi will tell you that consciousness can be separate
from the ego.  Psychologists usually equate the two, but this is not
correct, as yoga can demonstrate.  Ego consciousness occurs when
consciousness focuses through the ego.  It can also focus through
other components.

3. Theosophists also speak of consciousness often as seperate from the body.
Is this again relevant?  Or are we to accept the idea of a disembodied "ego"?
	You have a "disembodied ego" every time you go to sleep.  In
dreams we often take on new egos, new personalities complete with full

Jerry S.
Member, TI

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