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Re: Cayce's Predictions

Aug 18, 1996 11:17 AM
by Jerry Schueler

> My guess is that Steiner and Cayce were able to read
>the astral light/collective subconsciousness, but were not able to sift
>fantasy from reality in this respect (inundation) or they may have the
>timescale wrong. [Blavatsky predicts inundations to happen in about 16,000
>years or so- a totally different timescale.]
	In this case, I wouldn't call it "fantasy" as such.  The future
is a world of possibilities, and such inundations are among the
likely future outcomes--but things can change.  I have often thought
that if we had had a nuclear war (which seemed very likely just a
few years ago) a lot of Cayce's predictions may have come true.
Remember, Cayce was in the pre-atomic era, and if he had visualized
such a war, he would have had to make up words for it.  I wonder
if Paul has thought of this?

	Jerry S.
	Member, TI

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