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Martin's question

Aug 17, 1996 03:02 PM
by Martin_Euser

Paul wrote:
>Dear Martin,

You asked about my approach in the Cayce book.  I thought I had
already stated it.

	No, you didn't. Thanks for providing some overview.

 P>Christian Theosopher, which examines the universalistic
neo-Gnostic interpretation of Christianity in the readings.

	Cayce has drawn interest from many people I think.
Does ARE-press present ample information on him on the internet?

P>Esoteric Psychologist, which investigates Cayce's model of the
human constitution, his meditation guidelines, astrological
system, interpretation of attitudes and emotions, pattern of
group work, and explanation of psychic phenomena.

	This would be the most interesting part to me.
Does Cayce's model of the human constitution deviate considerably
from Theosophy? What about his explanation of psychic phenomena?
I don't ask or expect a very lengthy answer from you, but maybe some
short summary or highlights on these matters?

P>Clairvoyant Time Traveler, which examines Cayce's portrayal of
the past and future, with emphasis on Atlantis, ancient Egypt,
the time of Christ, and the near future.

	Cayce predicts the inundation of parts of the USA in the next
coming years, if I remember correctly. Steiner did the same for Europe:
Holland (my country), part of Germany, and some other countries, I think.
My personal opinion is that this is not going to happen. We'll know
in a couple of years! My guess is that Steiner and Cayce were able to read
the astral light/collective subconsciousness, but were not able to sift
fantasy from reality in this respect (inundation) or they may have the
timescale wrong. [Blavatsky predicts inundations to happen in about 16,000
years or so- a totally different timescale.]

P> The problem is, all mistaken notions
ever thought by anyone are out there to be tapped into as
easily as all truths ever known-- and an entranced person
cannot distinguish among them very well.



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