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Cyril Scott

Aug 17, 1996 01:04 PM
by wichm

I exchanged a few letters somewhere on 1958 with him in respect of his
introduction to "The boy who saw true". He was considered a talented
musician, but after he started "dabbling in the occult" (as one book put it)
he lost his gift.

I had some correspondence with Hugh Lynn. Although his father had remarkable
things to say in the readings, amongst them was a lot of chaff on future
calamities, the life of Jesus etc. that better be forgotten. The theory of
his unconscious mind linking with others reminds me of the Super-ESP theory
of Gauld (SPR) to explain away spiritualist phenomena.

PARACELSUS. Not much on that besides that I looked him up for a friend on
Internet. The search-engines came up with quite a lot of information. My
friend, a chemist, is not so much interested in the philosophical aspects as
well as the  practical discoveries he did on the properties of elements used
in his experiments. According to him far too much occultism is interpreted
in the description of his alchemy.

Incidentally, was St. Alan of Seroxat a contemporary of St. Depri of Remeron?


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