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Re: To Cos: Beatles & Rules

Aug 15, 1996 04:16 PM
by Drpsionic

My distaste for the Beatles long predates my interest in theosophy.  I never
could stand them.  Aside from THEM, the problem I see with modern music and
spirituality is not the music itself, but rather the peculiarly annoying and
usually talentless mindset of those who try to create it.  It has a cloying
sappiness to it that makes me violently ill.  I would infinitely prefer to
hear heavy metal (particularly King Diamond) than that garbage.  There is
really nothing more annoying than some glorified bar act trying to act holy.
Now as to the high weirdness of some TSers, one time at convention up at Lake
Geneva I got so pissed about something that I went to my cabin and put Black
Sabbath on my boom box, and cranked it!  It was great fun and shocked the
little old ladies to no end!  Their prejudices probably go back to the
lunatic ravings of Cyril Scott, a man of no talent himself and his very
peculiar ideas (he wrote that Jazz was "Black Magic" which makes me wonder if
Verdi is Italian Magick), reinforced by the overworked imaginings of poor,
crazy Goeffrey Hodson who must surely have known what he was talking about
after he saw the Virgin Mary appear to him on his bathroom door.  (Where did
they ever find that nutcase and why would anyone be DUMB  enough to take him
A number of years ago, the education department actually produced a film on
the subject which is so bad as to be funny.  It is very rarely shown because
the audiences inevitably laugh so hard that no one can hear the narration.
So I propose that at the next convention you play your heavy metal and I'll
play my punk-industrial and we'll see how long the old biddie network lasts
before they start having seizures.
And if someone plays the Beatles I will throw up all over him.

Chuck the Heretic

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