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Re: To Cos: Beatles & Rules

Aug 15, 1996 02:10 PM
by Olcott Library

On Thu, 15 Aug 1996, Ann E. Bermingham wrote:

> I've always wondered if there is a bias (perhaps fading?) among Theosophists
> towards classical and traditional music.  That popular music was considered not
> only low-class, but down right dangerous.  If I played my screaming heavy metal
> albums by Steve Vai in the parking lot at Olcott, would someone come out
> screaming worse than the CD?  : - )

"Theosophists" (however you want to define this) vary in their musical
tastes as much as any other people.  I suppose if you played your heavy
metal music at full volume in the Olcott parking lot, people would be
just as annoyed as if I were to play Beethoven's Ninth or Wagnerian
opera at full volume.  Either way, it would be called "disturbance of the
peace" because SOME people will be disturbed by the volume.  Some
residents at Olcott actually play heavy metal (in their room), others
like popular, country Western, classical or whatever.  The ground rule
is: "Be considerate of the other people living here."  Hey, we are
PEOPLE, not some kind of saints!

> What I'm asking here is whether there is some official policy or prounouncement
> on music by TS?  Were there originally prounouncements and recommendations made
> by past leaders?  (I'd bet money Leadbeater had his recommendations - he had em'
> about everything else.)

I've certainly never seen any official policy or pronouncement in
theosophical circles, or was ever told that any particular type of music
is "better" than any other.  I've heard numerous people express their own
personal preferences, though, AS IF THEY WERE PRONOUNCEMENTS FROM SOME

Elisabeth Trumpler
(someone who actually *lives* at Olcott)

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