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Theosophist versus TS member

Aug 14, 1996 04:48 AM
by Sy Ginsburg

I think it is very important to make a distinction between being a theosophist
and being a member of the Theosophical Society.

As we can see from the discussion going on entitled ( "Theosophist" a fighting
word), there is no general agreement about what makes one a theosophist.
Certainly the word predates the modern theosophical movement by a long time.

I call the importance of the distinction between being a theosophist and being a
member of the Theosophical Society to your attention because I believe it is
what has been behind the expulsion of national sections (i.e. Yugoslavia,
Denmark) from the Theosophical Society (Adyar) and the expulsion of a local
Lodge (i.e.Boston) from the Theosophical Society in America.

We take too lightly the only requirement for membership in the Theosophical
Society, which is to be in sympathy with the 3 declared objects.  Those objects
specifically encourage the comparative study of religion, philosophy and
science; and the investigation of unexplained laws of nature and powers latent
in humanity.  When those comparative studies and investigations have led a
national section or  local lodge to want to more thoroughly delve into a
particular study, i.e. the Alice Bailey teachings, this has brought down upon
them, the wrath of the theosophical leadership, and that leadership is  then in
direct violation of the 3 declared objects.  As soon as that leadership begins
to object to what is studied, they then begin to define what is appropriate for
study.  This cannot be done if the 3 declared objects of the Theosophical
Society are to have any meaning.

If my postings dwell on this subject, it is because I see it as the single most
important problem facing the theosophical movement.   The Theosophical Society,
continually shrinking, in the face of a greatly rising interest in esoteric
studies throughout the world, will continue to shrink so long as the leadership
disregards the 3 declared objects, even while paying lip service to them.

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