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theosophy texts on-line

Aug 13, 1996 10:44 PM
by John E. Mead

hi -

there is an e-mail list (discussion list) set up to help people
coordinate the electronic publishing of theosophical texts.
(Thesophical Electronic Clearing House)

it is called THEOS-TECH

the name comes from John Algeo's concept of an electronic theosophical
clearing house (tech).  I hope he did not copyright the acronym
TECH.  else we will be in yet another legal battle.  (i.e. the list
will be dissolved; I have not resources to fight any such nonsense).

if people want to use it  -  feel free to do so.

peace -

john e. mead

p.s. ramadoss's comment follows.  this discussion list is where people
who want to establish such can do so; between themselves, for
eventual benefit to the theosophically inclined.

p.p.s. note we can include within the theos-tech library
on vnet,  articles which help point people to the resources.

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> Subject: ASCII Texts
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With the increasing number of Theosophical Texts available on cyberspace, it
would be a good idea to compile a catalog and provide the www or ftp
information. So anyone interested in texts can look through a list and get
anything that interests.

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