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Identity of Masters

Aug 14, 1996 08:47 AM
by Macnev Uri

Subject: Identity of Masters


w> After Einstein multi-dimensional personalities emerged (Seth).
w> It is remarkable that these subjects were almost ignored by the Masters.
 It's a lie. C.Leadbeater described multidimentional worlds and
corresponding entities before Einstein. But a contrary, Einstein
read theosophical books. Maybe he was disagree with them - i don't
know, but anyway, he got acquainted with them.

w> PAUL K' states:"Find me evidence of any real spiritual Master of the
w> 19th century who knew the truth unveiled by 20th century science.".
 This Paul assumes that "truth" was unveiled in 20th century.
It seems suspicious.  Anyway, theosophists knew in XIX century
that atom is splittable, what denied by science of that times.
Isotopes were discovered by theosophists several years earlier
than by the ordinary science. They also defined atomic weights
of some elements more close to contemporary numbers than to
known then.  These are  He, Ca, Zn, As, Se, Kr, Rb, Cd, Sb, I,
Xe, Os, Ir, Pt, Au.

w> I have met a number of Tibetan monks, some from the inner circle of the
w> Dalai Lama. I was always tempted to tell them about the Theosophic Masters
 So why did he take part in 100th T.S. anniversary?  By the way,
western tourists who visited USSR have never seen strikes and
konzentrazionlagers there, but it doesn't prove that they didn't

w> Then there is the development of the handwriting and grammar (Russian
w> grammatical mistakes). Admittedly many were explained by her, but rather
 These mistakes could be made by anyone whose native language has
an archaic grammatic structure. These languages are sanskrit, all
slavic languages except bulgarian, languages of baltic countries,
latin, etc. and partially spanish and portugues. (You can see here
letters from Brazil which are written like mine. They might be trans-
lated to russian without changing word order. "Unveiled Isis" vs "Isis
Unveiled" - this corresponds also to a russian title of this book).
Only few languages have such a weird grammar as english has.

Konstantin Zaitzev, Moscow, Russia  2:5020/360.4 Fidonet

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