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Re: Man bearing globe

Aug 12, 1996 10:10 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

>Yes our earth is hell, but not just hell, but a school for those souls encased
in seven bodies, >seeking freedom from the six lower world.  HPB provides
insights into the necessary key to >turn the locks of the laya centers to travel
and know for ourselves !

Maybe you never appreciate heaven/home until you've visited earth/hell.

>We seek a perfection on each of the levels.  The illusive and illusory goal
seems to be:

>1. perfect health - eternal incarnation (Chopra fans live here)

Virgoan or Sixth house perfection.

>2. perfect physical digestion and a state of vegetative bliss - (Vegans unite,
we all need to be >plants, some say)

The moon in Taurus - the green thumb position.  Buys a plant at the garden shop
everytime they pass it by.  (My addiction)

>3.  agressive beautifull bodies in an orgy of eating and sex -  animal heaven

Scorpio - the desire to live intensely by experiencing life to the max.  Pass
the Scotch and bring on the dancing girls.

>4.  a static state of life as we know it - Bougeoise paradise of the eternal
family values

Sit-com city.  The home-loving Cancer.

>5.  logical conclusion - unified field theory that explains everything in the
universe in math >equations (but why would we the universe, if we had the

A Gemini met an Aquarian on the mental plane.  Their numbers were perfect and
their heads began to rattle like the tails of snakes who knew too much.

>6.  A world of blissful dieties and a heaven with streets paved with gold,
spitting water melon seed with the kids throughout eternity.


>7.  Unitive awareness - we have it all ready, but have it in a fractured
incomplete form which is >being revealed slowly, every so SLOWLY to humanity and
sometime Quickly in flashes of >enlightenment.

Neptune conjunct Uranus.  Lightening strikes a boater on the ocean and he walks
back across the water back to shore.

- Ann E. Bermingham

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