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K.H. Letter

Aug 09, 1996 09:09 AM
by Macnev Uri


* Forwarded by Macnev Uri
* From : Kay Ziatz
Subject: K.H. Letter


r> The following is the last letter that was received from KH by Annie Besant
  Thanks for this nice letter. I haven't found even the restricted
version in two volumes of "Letters...". Maybe there was a third one?

KH> A psychic and a pranayamist who has got confused by the
KH> vagaries of the members.
  When translating this to russian i've got confused, too. :)
What does it mean? - i.e. meaning is relatively clear, but what is it
for - maybe it should be read as "To a psychic..." ?

We here also have a letter like this - it was received last year.
A women passed it to a presidium of the Roerich congress which took
place in IX'1995. No one had seen this women after, of cource. The
letter is anonymous, but some people believe that it is from "higher
source", as they say.
    Maybe i'll translate it for you, but it would be difficult to
keep close to original. Maybe to preserve both meaning & style the
additional words in square brackets would be nesessary, like they
are in some translations of sutras. You've seen of cource, how a
short sentence from Vedanta-sutra grows to entire paragraph when
translated to european languages. Fortunately, this letter isn't
so laconic as sutras, it's rather like Bhagavad-gita :)

W/best wishes, Konstantin Zaitzev  2:5020/360.4 Fidonet

P.S. I didn't receive your opinion about Krishnamurti.
     Please repeat it to the following address:

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