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Re: Shattered dreams/intellectual freedom

Aug 08, 1996 03:46 PM
by RIhle

K. Paul Johnson writes>
>Never was the work
>of Campbell, Meade or Tillett treated as anything other than
>enemy attacks.
>In the 1990s, it was my turn, along with Joscelyn Godwin and Peter
>to be attacked or ignored by the Theosophical organizations.

Richard Ihle writes>
Paul, as usual, I agree with the many cogent points you make in this post.

It was also interesting to me because I had just pulled THE MASTERS REVEALED
off the shelf again, planning to take it along with me--"as good company"--on
a four-day trip to Bemidji, Minnesota.

Oh yes, you were in exceptional form during the period when you wrote that
book.  One of the many passages I have highlighted is the following:  "To
call the occultist view of the Masters a myth is not to deny its value or
validity, but rather to characterize its function for those who accept it."

Oh, yes. . . .

I'll probably show THE MASTERS REVEALED around a little while I'm up in
Bemidji--just to impress people that I personally know the author.  We're
having a huge "all-classes reunion" which should be fun; however, for some
reason I let them book me for the big "variety show"--I'm the "humorous
monologue act," supposedly my strong suit in this world. (No wonder I can't
parlay "Psychogenesis" into a bunch of disciples for myself. . . .)


Richard Ihle

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