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Re: Answering Greg and Martin

Aug 07, 1996 09:33 AM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>,
>If Theosophists wish to adhere to the original enquiring spirit of before
>they should be prepared to question and even throw overboard concepts that
>have become dogma's like Karma and reincarnation. They should also direct
>far more their attention to Spiritism, because in my opinion, it is far more
>tied up with Theosophy and its communicators "The Masters" than they are
>prepared to accept. They should not embrace it, though, but seek for clues
>for instance in comparing teachings of the Mahatma's with similar
>communications from other sources of channeling and ask themselves what is
>the true nature of this phenomenon and how to access it (see my page The
>presence phenomenon:

I agree wholeheartedly, and am especially pleased to see your emphasis
on the part that Spiritism, or Spiritualism had to play in the formative
period of the T.S..  I shall also visit your homepage ... you seem like
a potential recruit for TI .... [retires hastily behind barricade]

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