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Re: Kaballah

Aug 06, 1996 09:40 AM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, James S Yungkans
<> writes
>Perhaps Mssrs Dyer and Bain would care to share their views anf provide more
>than retorical comments to back up the belief that "HPB missed a good deal
>in her explanations of this subject."

I for one did not make any such claim.  In fact, SFAIK from past
reading, she was extremely well-informed on Kabalist matters, and had
some equally well-informed advisors.

>  If the response is again something
>like "I do this in my 'Keys to Kabbalah' which is only available privately
>printed from myself" and "Have to save up for my book then", then it would
>appear that you approach these topics in the same manner as all of those
>organizations HPB condemmed in the 1880s for claiming to make masters of
>occultism 'for a price'.

Wrong.  But I don't work for nothing, and if you (or anyone else)
*really* wants to understand where I am coming from, then my work is as
well worth paying for as anyone else's.  Also, it is not practical to
upload the many diagrams, Tarot illustrations, words in Hebrew text,
etc.  I do not claim to make masters of occultism - and you are being
offensive again.

Please don't send for my book, and if you intend to continue making
offensive remarks, please advise, and I will put you on my "ignore"

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