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Re: Freedom of Thought

Aug 05, 1996 10:40 PM
by Drpsionic

That the internet has made an end run around them is turning into a massive
understatement and they don't like it one little bit.
I had a friendly (seriously, it was) talk with one board member at the
begining of convention about alt.theosophy and he expressed the concern that
it would attract our xtian enemies and they would use it to spread lies about
us and to attack us.  I told him that that was exactly what I wanted, to get
them to come into our killing ground and get verbally slaughtered.
But that is not the thing that really bothers the powers that be.  Right now
only a handful of TSers are on the net, but that number is going to grow and
weird thing is that with their web page and attempt at moderated newsgroups
is actually going to encourage it.  So what we need to do is figure out a way
to get the good folk who will go to the official internet organs to come over
to our more free-wheeling, maniacal and truthful unofficial ones.  At that
point there will be a great wailing and GaNashing of teeth (and teeth will be
provided for our more dentally challenged brethren) but it will ultimately
result in a more open TS that is not afraid of what it's members might choose
to study.
Then we can the revolution.

Chuck the Heretic

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