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Re: Kabbalah

Aug 05, 1996 08:48 AM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <960805025304_73632.105_FHV94-2@CompuServe.COM>, "Frank J.
Dyer" <> writes
>     The genuine Kabbalistic tradition has recently been brought to the
>attention of the scholarly community through the works of Scholem and Matt.
>Anything else is derivative or speculative, IMHO. I repeat, there is no Book of
>Trees (in any Jewish Kabbalistic tradition).
>     The study of the above *genuine* sources will be repaid handsomely.

It is worth trying to get hold of the bilingual edition of "Likutei
Amarim-Tanya" which is a modern standard 'Hasidic work with Hebrew and
English on facing pages.  It has a description of the Sephiroth in an
appendix, and uses a lot of Kabbalist terminology in its commentaries.

(They spell themselves as Chassidim).  One of their Brookline (Boston)
members was greatly inpressed with my "Keys to Kabbalah" and made a
point of visiting me in England. [smirk].

My own copy is Copyright 1981 by "Kehot" Publication Society, 770
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