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Bailey vs TS

Aug 02, 1996 05:48 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

Recently Sy Ginsberg put up a post that listed the various lodges and sections
that had been expelled.  The most notable was the Boston Lodge, which has led to
much discussion and controversy.  It has occurred to me that the real issue is
not one of the members studying Alice Bailey, which seems to be considered
anathema, but the fact that TS has never fully reconciled with Alice Bailey or
her organization.

Consider the fact that she worked for TS, was one of their own and that she left
under difficult circumstances.  She went to New York, began writing the books
(whether they are valid  or not is beyond this post)  and started a school.  All
in direct competition with TS, who has prided themselves on being the keeper of
Ancient Wisdom.  Now, one of their former loyalists, had stolen TS's thunder and
given out information they either considered their own and/or did not consider
the public ready for.  It was like a glass of cold water thrown in their face.

Has TS and the Bailey group ever shook hands and decided to live in harmony as
two separate organizations?  It doesn't seem that way.  It seems that all the
enmity and bitterness that was once directed at Alice Bailey is now being
transferred to anyone dares to study her material.  The one traitor has turned
into many.

- Ann E. Bermingham

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