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Re: Elitism or Esotericism

Aug 01, 1996 09:43 PM
by Drpsionic

Enter the Heretic

The problem here is the idea that there is THE PATH.  But the implication in
that is that there is only one true path and all others are some way false.
 Yet one of the principle assumptions of theosophy is that all paths
ultimately lead to the same end, some just meander more than others, but all
are equally valid to their followers.
This is not mere tolerance, it is a recognition that there is grain of truth
in all spritual practice and for that reason (and I get to be serious now) we
encourage the study of comparative religion, in the hope of finding those
grains and the rare points of commonality, not in the hope of finding new
ways to attack the unbelievers.
In the final analysis, it does not matter if a person is on THE PATH.  He or
she is on a path and if that one does not work, well, we all have oodles of
lifetimes to work it out.

Chuck the Heretic

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