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7 Portals With 7 Keys to VOS

Jul 31, 1996 11:20 PM
by Keith Price

I would like to discuss the excerpt:


Thou seest well, Lanoo. These portals lead the aspirant across the
waters on "to the other shore". (7) Each Portal hath a golden key
that openeth its gate; and these keys are:
1. DANA, the key of charity and love immortal.
2. SHILA, the key of Harmony in word and act, the key that
counterbalances the cause and the effect, and leaves no further
room for karmic action.
 3. KSHANTI, patience sweet, that nought can
4. VIRAGA, indifference to pleasure and to pain, illusion
conquered, truth alone perceived.
5. VIRYA, the dauntless energy that fights [51] its way to the
supernal TRUTH, out of the mire of lies terrestrial.
6. DHYANA, whose golden gate once opened leads the Narjol* {A
Saint, an Adept.} toward the realm of Sat eternal and its ceaseless
7. PRAJNA, the key to which makes of a man a God,
creating him a Bodhisattva, son of the Dhyanis.
Such to the Portals are the golden keys.
Before thou canst approach the last, O weaver of thy freedom, thou
hast to master these Paramitas of perfection - the virtues
and sacrifice [53] the personal to SELF impersonal, and thus
destroy the "path" between the two - Antaskarana. (9)
voice will ask thee at thy first, at thy initial step:
"prepared to answer Dharma, the stern law, whose
ou complied with all the rules, O thou of lofty hopes?...
. They have to be attuned to the Upadhyaya's mind -
one with the Over-Soul

FROM:	Keith Price
While trying to meditate on some of the ideas presented by Blavatsky in the VOS,
I have tried to understand why we focus on the number 7 so much, particularly in
regard to the 7 bodies as evidence of 7 levels of manifestation.

The idea came to me of that the various planes, globes, bodies etc are separated
in the way  white light is separated into the colored spectrum  in a prism.  The
seven colors show how the primal unitive white light is separated in space and
time for our eyes by the prism.  The goal of meditation is to provide a second
prism developed in our own mind that will recombine the colors into white light.
When this happens, we can cross the rainbow bridge or the anathakara into the
higher unitve white light state of consciousness variously described as
sat-chit-ananada, truth (being)- mind and bliss as our real state as one with
the Master or Over-Soul

The seven portals, keys, and the golden stairs help create the diamond  "body"
that can recombine the stopped down colors into there higher state of unity..
This might be the philosopher's stone so often hinted at.  The stone that can
transmute the base elements of the 7 planes to the spiritual gold of eternal
value.  Thus it takes a develpment or the uncovering of this inherent faculty
through meditation.  We then have access to akasha, ultimate complete wisdom
beyond verbal thought.  We are then in connection directly with  the Voice of
the Silence which becomes the Master.

There seems to be a virture to balance every inherent vice in each of the

!. Purity of the physcial body
2. Altruism in the emotional body
3. Slaying the tendency of the analytical mind to divide everything
4. Accessing the creative intuition
6.  Meditation on wisdom beyond words
7.  Linking them all to the will for compasionate loving service of evolution

Each of the lower bodies can become a vehicle of the next higher and thus they
are united to a single Will, rather than pulling oneself in 7 directions at
Then one can become an active spiritual agent of the Real, as opposed to passive
victim of the pull of the false, separated plane of illusion.

Keith Price

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