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Re: Vitvan's URL

Aug 01, 1996 01:11 PM
by Bee Brown

Ann E. Bermingham wrote:
> Bee:
> >And the books by Vitvan
> >
> Tried reaching this URL.  It did not work for me, but this one did:
> - Ann E. Bermingham

Thanks for that. I have the site bookmarked so I seem to have left a bit out.
I would be interested in your comments if in due course you read some of his
stuff. I am surprised at myself for the interest I seem to have taken in his
teachings as I was in my comfort zone with GdeP at the moment. I am reading
away with highlighter in one hand and pencil in the other and the fact that
it is stuff printed out on A4 paper lends itself to much scribbling on in the
margins and that in itself is fun. I can find what I am looking for as I have
written it by the paragraph concerned.

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