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What's next in the movement.

Aug 01, 1996 09:07 AM
by liesel f. deutsch

Hi, folks,

I'm just now getting back on track & caught Richard's writing, which quotes
Jerry S a little. I don't agree with you guys, from my perspective. Richard,
you ask how one can know what's actually ahead, and my answer to that is to,
for instance, take the "Mahatma Letters" for real. Eventually, I believe,
we'll all evolve to be able to function as Morya and Koot Humi did. I
thought that was a theosophical belief.

Jerry, you say "we all know how flaky intuition is". Well, it *is* for most
people, but I've mentioned this example before. Harry, who in many ways (but
not all) was more advanced than most of us, once told me to take a remedy
for my heart. At the time he lived in Australia, & I in Syracuse. I got
worried and had my MD do an EKG. The MD said I had a heart murmur so slight
I need never worry about it. But Harry had spotted it when he diagnosed me,
in spite of all that distance ...  but he was especially gifted & especially


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