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Re: The Uncola - And the Undeep

Jul 31, 1996 05:21 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

>    	From my own (of course completely unreliable) clairvoyant 
>observations,  there is virtually no difference at all between a 
>narrow-minded Theosophist and that of the average Christian 
>fundamentalist - and there are very few energy-systems that look as, 
>well, positively *chilling*, almost firghtening, as the ones belonging to 
>those who believe *they* understand the "true" path.

My opinion, as well, except I hadn't gotten the words or the guts to say it on
this list.  Since the problem of "true pathism" is present in many systems, I
would offer the idea that it is basically psychological rather than born out of
spiritual truth.  The individual feels a need to believe that whatever system
they are following is the one true path because they are insecure.  And
converting others to that path gives that person an even more secure feeling.
The need to be superior to others could indicate one that actually feels
inferior and is trying to compensate.

A relaxed, happy, non-judgemental person accepts people as they are, seeing the
best and perhaps even the worst, using those observations to creat right
relationships.  Not a quest for power over another, but cooperation.  Power
struggles just lead to more wrestling matches, where the other person tries to
gain back their power and it goes on and on.  There's so much struggling,
nothing rally gets done.  Time to stop trying to get to the top of the rock.
Climb down to where the rest of humanity is and get some real work done.

- Ann E. Bermingham

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