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Jul 30, 1996 11:33 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

Concurring with Alan and Michael, I must say that the
explanation of reincarnation in our Theosophy books once seemed
very reasonable and complete to me, but no longer does.  Part of the result
of researching about Edgar Cayce has been to make me more
skeptical about past lives, despite a very favorable impression
of the readings in most other realms.

It's not so much thinking "reincarnation is not true," but as
Michael said, not believing anything-- only entertaining
hypotheses.  Skepticism isn't about disbelieving, but about
*not* believing, which is different.  Surely there is some
truth to the idea of reincarnation; equally surely, none of our
explanations of what it is and how it works are quite right.
That leaves of huge area of uncertainty-- but so does most
everything else in life, so we just have to embrace the
ambiguity and uncertainty rather than flee from them in search
of simple answers.

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