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Re: Putting the Mahatma Letters to the Test

Jul 30, 1996 06:06 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

According to Paul M.M. Kieniewicz:
> Of course - I understand the obstacles to carrying out such a plan. First --
> you need a fairly unbiased group of people who are willing to lay down
> ground rules for such an investigation -- standards of textual critisism,
> and then to abide by these standards regardless of which Theosophical
> persuasion they come from. The toughest part might be to agree to those
> standards.  But -- maybe it can be done.

Not any time soon, I feel sure.  But a computer could do it
thus bypassing all the subjective factors that would make your
scenario above impossible.  Of course, there the distinction is
simply between "written by HPB" or "written by someone else."
When you throw in the imponderable of whether or not someone
else was a Master, that totally gums up the works of either a
computer or a human decision.
> And then another problem, who would thank such people for their efforts?
> Adyar Theosophists? Point Loma? Sceptics?  

No one, I fear.  But it's a nice fantasy.

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