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Jul 30, 1996 09:35 AM
by Macnev Uri


* Forwarded by Macnev Uri
* From : Kay Ziatz

Subject: Karma


>  Now I have suggested
>that karma is a whole lot more complicated than the simple
>idea of rewards and punishments.

     Here's a good instance i found in our SU.MAGIC newsgroup

("R" doesn't believe in karma. He thinks that one could perform
 a magic attack and escape from consequences) :

 R> Here karma was compared with Newton's law. But suppose: you throw a ball
 R> to a wall, it reflected, of cource. Maybe even to your forhead. But
 R> why personally to yours?

MU> No, the following explanation is more obvious:
MU> You throw an adhesive ball fastened on a ribbon cord. If you didn't got
MU> to target it returns to your forhead. Suppose, you didn't lose and
MU> a ball reached target and glued to it. But sooner or later an adhesive
MU> will dry out and free the ball. Ball flies to your forhead.
MU> Those who forget about the cord got an extreme joy. They throw a ball
MU> and are trying to run away.

"MU" is really who posts these messages for me :)


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