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Theosophy Validity Check

Jul 29, 1996 09:40 PM
by JacMa

On " A House of Cards " or "The Theosophy Validity Check"

The most convincing experience one can go thru is to live directly 
a situation and gather as many informations our capabilities allows us.

I was not born when HPB wrote her masterpieces, therefore, I can rely
only on words appearing on paper which, depending so many factors, I
will interpret many different ways. What I understand today is fairly 
different from 20 years ago when I read it the first time.

I had the opportunity to listen to Krishnamurti in Saanen one time, 
and it was a clear and straightforward understanding - a living experience
like crossing the smile of someone on the walkway - it is direct experience.

It is true ( for the mental aspect ) that to consecrate time and efforts 
to study a body of doctrine, one has to be convinced interiorely that it
is worth. By the way, why worth ? Because few people want to spend a part 
of their life for something which could not be worth after all...
Many of us (including me indeed) are looking for some type of reward, 
something which will warm us, comfort us - Yes, I am on a solid ground, I
know (or I believe) something. Otherwise, one has to stand alone in the dark
- what a bad nightmare -

On this basis, let's take HPB writings ( by pure chance ). Out of the many
reactions when confronted with this book, many are afraid by the sum and 
the complexity of the works, and switch to more "eatable", pre-digested
material, and often are happy to found an answer to all their key questions
on life - Great ! Finally something which will calm my anguishes, now I can 
continue to live - And the life continues, with its events ( branch meetings,

conventions, summer schools,...).
Other ones,more curious, or not happy to have an answer for each question
(it is no more funny if who know everything), will start swimming thru  the
books, and the immense bibliography which is refered to. ANd they could
this enormous body of doctrines which pervades the world since its utmost

If that is all HPB brought to the world, it is great, it is an immense gift,
reference book on world knowledge.

Now, on the validity check, there is the mental approach ( the most common ),

which could consist in checking each statement vs other body of world
but most of the time, HPB writings are references to other books. Her
could be questionable ( and I still question it : in "Isis Unveiled", Vol I,
she said : "His (Appolonius of Tyane) long discourses with the Brahmans,
their sage 
advice, and the dialogue with the Corinthian Menippus would, if interpreted,
gives the esoteric catechism...They would disclose, if understood, some of
most important secrets of nature". Ha, ha ! A pleasant promise. I rushed thru
"Life of Appolonius of Tyane" by Philostratus, found the right chapter,
I probably missed the most important secrets of nature (I should have listen
when I
was in school - the normal education school -)

Anyhow, I am not sure it is worth expressing his own feelings - (Ex : I am
very deceived by
this doctrine, therefore, it cannot be the good one ) - Everyone can probably
make his
own judgement.

But it is good to communicate, and this forum is full of living beings,
thanks, and 
the controversy has the advantage to trig interesting questions.

Peace and Serenity.


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