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What next for the movement

Jul 28, 1996 00:00 AM
by mika perdld

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James Yungkans? presented some thoughts about how theosophy does not 
appeal to masses. Or that TS is alienated from people.
I have a vision that in the future we have in our Finnish TS a "beginners Lodge".
Or a "Balancing Lodge" or whatever. The idea is anyway to give people a 
group(sangha)where they are offered different kind of methods how to deal
 with their body, emotions and mind co-operated and supported by others.
"Know yourself-lodge" might be a proper name. I do not know how is it inthe
other countries but here in Helsinki I feel the members have not much to offer to 
"ordinary" people. I consider myself quite ordinary and they have nothing for me.
Being ordinary I mean that I am not that interested in cosmology or who wrote the
gospels or twisting sanskrit terms all around. BUT knowing how to deal with myself;
my emotions and wild thoughts and even health!
So maybe in twenty years you will hear strange news from Finland that there are 
growing amount of people interested in theosophy... 
Or is it then theosophy anymore? What do you think?

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