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More Questions Than Answer (Serious Post)

Jul 26, 1996 11:21 PM
by Keith Price


	I guess I should stop speaking on every passing subject and focus on one
that is in 
some ways the focus of my present incarnation.  I have said that I have always
why I was localized in this particular body and mind.  If life is only a
chemical process 
that gives rise accidentally to things like procreation and mental process
through simply 
chemical processes (as science claims), so be it?  But why do I have the ability
to say, 
"Why me?"  Why am  I experiencing this batch or bath of chemical processes?  If 
consciousness is a by product of physical processes in the brain, why am I here
and not 
there?  This is not a trivial question for science or spiritual traditions.

	I have been forced to deal with certain unconscious processes that seem
beyond by 
control. I experience them truly unconsciously as being produced by another
beyond my direct will or conscious choice.  These arise from the animal heritage
we all have in the sense that we live through animal processes of eating,
sleeping , and procreating.

	Animals procreate often by instinct and according to cues they gain
through their 
senses regarding the "mating season," estrus, hormones, scents and so on.  This
assure that live will go on.  Pollen is nothing more than an ocean of plant
sperm floating 
willy-nillly and activated by the appropriate plant "egg".

	Life replicates itself by DNA and the gene is selfish in that it takes
every possible 
chance and strategy to assure its long term survival in short term forms.  The
DNA is thus 
primary is such systems of thought like sociobiology that suggests that the
selfish gene 
assures its survival selfishly by making some representatives of itself
altruistic.  Altruism 
of the expendable individual assures the survival of the gene pool for a

	Lest one think I have forgotten the nature of our discussion group as
theosophy, I 
would like to ask, how do certain levels of being replicate themselves.  How do
and beings with emotion communicate emotions to other such beings and replicate
emotions?  How do beings capable of thought, replicate and communicate thought
other beings and assure the existence of "thoughtful" beings?  And continuing up
levels of the great chain of being, how do spiritual beings replicate
themselves?  How do 
spiritual beings replicate or communicate spiritual messages and create
spiritual being 
like themselves?  

	If the purpose of life is to replicate beings like oneself, how does man
himself beyond the replication of the physical bodies through sex?  If I wanted
to make a 
copy of my spiritual nature, how would I do this?  How could I spread my
spiritual nature 
and make copies of myself like some virus.  The AIDS virus has been looked upon
as a 
metaphor by some thinkers like Susan Langer and others.  The AIDS virus's seems
have only one goal, to make as many copies of itself as it can without regard to
ultimate fate of its host being and even at the expense of killing the host.
Yet it travels by 
physical contact, through bodily fluids.  

	Thought-forms and spiritual forms also seek to recreate themselves and
travel by 
"fluid" we cannot see.  Traveling the paths of the Kabala and communing with
angels through processes that allow one to flow through the spiritual fluid and
linked, possessed, one could almost say infected (in a  positive way).  This
creates the desire to see the level spread among the population for good or bad
or with no 
conscious intent. 

	Evangelical Christianity seeks to infect or convert as many people as
through the blood of Jesus (to extend the analogy).  But is it the blood that
carries the 
transforming power.  Is the spiritual fluid of another less dense, more subtle
kind?  Are 
we dealing with a mindset that is now becoming as common as "primitive" magic,  
revealed religion, materialistic science once was.  Everyday we here the need
for more 
world security, more world unity, more understanding by giving relinquishing
altruism for global altruism in the form of a uniting against terrorism and
moving toward 
global tolerance and a kind of uneasy diversity within an unstable, as yet,
unity.  Are we 
controlling the process are being controlled and shouldn't this be the real
focus of  
something like the Parliment of Reigions?   Do we know where we are really going
or are 
we reacting to one crisis after another?  Are the Masters (within us or on some
higher plane than humanity guiding the process?  I hope so.

Keith Price

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