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What's next in the movement

Jul 26, 1996 10:09 PM
by James S Yungkans

Forwarded from a posting on Theos-World:

>To All Theosophists
>Martin writes (or was it Eldon?)
>"There's tremendous depth in knowledge and teachings to be found here.
>Yet, I see that TSs have no monopoly on truth. Other organizations
>may do a better job than TSs do now. I feel that the TSs are lagging behind
>facts in this regard."
>Just a side comment, as I have seen this argument so many times that I feel
BE THE SOLE REPOSITORY OF TRUTH.  We're supposed to honor the masters be
reflecting our beliefs as one of a memver of societies which speak TRUTH.
The difference between ourselves as THEOSPHISTS and others in the society is
that members in the society come from ALL GROUPS (or rather should).  "CORE
THEOSOPHISTS" (to use the current terminology) have become as entrenched in
their beliefs as Hasidic jews or "Bible Bashing Baptists."  This has caused
a rift in the society which may not be remidied until another society is
formed to superceed it.  This is unfortunate, but it is KARMA.  If the
masters were to come today to one of our "Annual Conventions", they would be
appauled at what we have done to their "Society."  Why do you think we
haven't heard from them? Here's your answer.
>The masters, I'm sure, have visited our grand fiasco.  The question is,
what can we do to remedy the situation.  Bar anyone who does not speak the
"Party Line" from attending?  Condemm anyone who does not accept the
required "Dogma" as a "Heretic?"  If so, we've become no better then
Iraneus, writing against Valentinus.  What good does it serve, but to
alienate ourselves from the masses for which THEOSOPHY was intended.
>Perhaps we, as a group of Internet-ional Theosophists, can design a new way
to present theosophy within the framework of the "New Age movement" so as to
accept and embrace those teachings which are beneficial and speak of TRUTH.
"He who is not against us, is WITH US!"  Don't worry about scorn (from the
'Old Folks back home'), but "Let the Dead Bury their Dead" as we "Strike a
blow for Liberty" and Theosophy.  After all, what do you have to lose
besides antequated ideas.
>                                A True Theosophist

What are your comments?

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