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Pilate eat your heart out

Jul 26, 1996 09:27 AM
by Alan

In message <>, writes
>Aside from the oxymoron alert that the title set off,

"Oxy" (sharp) plus "moron" (moron).  That's me :-)

> I am still convinced
>that religions, as institutions, are, in the final analysis, nothing more
>than a collection of human opinions based originally on experience and then
>driven mad by human ambition.

Maybe, but it doesn't happen in a few minutes, and there is a great deal
of worthwhile information lurking among the religious writings of their
early periods.  This is why I *closed down* my own small church and
chapel, and set my own religious orders aside - some ego-tripper always
wanted to be top dog.  I kept the worthwhile books though.

>Other than that, your dissertation is not bad.

 From anyone else that's an Olympic Gold Medal! (given the subject).

>  But we are still left with
>the nagging question of "what is truth?"

Stop nagging :-).  "Truth" is another of those objectional notions like
"science" and "religion" - there are sciences, there are religions, and
there are truths.  None of them can claim an absolute. There is the
science about life (Biology) the religion about anointing (Christianity)
and the truth about oddball machines (Psionics).

If it works, its true for as long as it keeps working.  The true - oops,
genuine occultist is always a pragmatist and an empiricist.
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