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Descent into matter

Jul 20, 1996 06:54 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <960720222543_76400.1474_HHL57-4@CompuServe.COM>, Jerry
Schueler <> writes
>> Without the descent into matter,  there can
>>be no spiritual self-consciousness, no lessons of love and hate, 
>>pain and bliss, knowledge and ignorance.
>       This may be the "party line," Keith, but I believe that
>this is simply not true.  There are lots of spiritual entities
>who know about love, and who have no need of incarnating.
>Jerry's Rule: We reincarnate because we want to, not because
>we have to.

What do you think about the notion (which I entertain seriously from
time to time) that we may (re)incarnate quite by accident?  Suppose, let
us say, that one of the spiritual entities you mention got a bit too
close to what is often called the "earth plane" and got sucked in?

And are we not all spiritual entitities to begin with?

.. etc., etc.
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