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Pigs, Virgos and Sliders

Jul 20, 1996 08:59 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

Chuck the Heretic:
>There was a story floating (sorry about that) around that the
>--er--entertainment had to swim out of where they were staying with their
>instruments on their backs.  A pity they didn't drown.

Since I did not hear them for myself, I will chalk up your assessment to
personal opinion, until I hear other reviews.  Alas, your dislike for piggies
influenced your movie review.

Along the same lines of Theosophical enterntainment, I'd be interested to hear
if anyone, perhaps only in the US, watches the syndicated sci-fi series called
"Sliders".  I viewed a tape of one episode last night and one of the characters
was curiously "stuck" on the "astral plane".  He stayed there until rescued at
the end of show.  Only one woman had the ability to see him and she had been
ridiculed for having this power.  But the real kicker is that at the beginning
of the show the astral plane was stated as a belief of *Theosophy*.  Finally,
Theosophy makes it to prime-time TV!!!

Chuck, again:
>Fascinating.  The only objection I can raise the fact that I am a Virgo and
>there ain't nothing pure about me.

That explains a great deal. ; - )

Ann E. Bermingham

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