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Re: "Anonymous" and the MLs

Jul 19, 1996 06:10 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

According to Eldon B. Tucker:
> If some passages in the SD were written by KH and M, and bear
> their writing style, for instance, there would be a match.
> Also we have to consider how the SD and other materials
> were written. Is HPB writing everything *in her own words*
> or picking up the wording of others, at times? 

A further problem.  If you compared HPB's letter to Sinnett to
the MLs to Sinnett, perhaps she was deliberately striving to
make them sound different (which might not fool a computer
anyhow.)  Rather than the SD, Isis or the Voice, perhaps
some Theosophist articles would make the best basis for
comparison since there is the least indication of Mahatmic
intervention in the literary process.
> Another interesting comparision would be Mahatma Letters to
> other Mahatma Letters, depending upon where and how they
> were received. If they were received at different locations,
> could they have been "transmitted" using different Chelas,
> and bear some signiture wording patters?

When in London I noticed that one letter had an annotation on
the back, "received through Damodar."  Don't know how many
others that may be true of.  It would also be interesting to
compare the particular letter received by Sinnett in London
signed by KH after Olcott got a letter from M advising him to
write one (as I read it) to other writings of HSO.

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