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Availablility of the VOICE

Jul 18, 1996 02:15 AM
by Eldon B. Tucker


>From what people have posted, it would seem there is more interest in VOICE OF
>THE SILENCE because it is Blavatsky and it is less controversial as to its
>origin etc.  I have misplaced my copy.  I have requested from Elizabeth Trumpler
>as to the availability of an electronic ascii type file for uploading.  We could
>take turns typing small portions as we discuss.

I think there might be an electronic version of the VOICE
available on the Internet. You might check out the site
below. (The writeup is reprinted from the June 1996



by John H. Drais

The Paracelsian Order as a theosophical organization has an
interest the "Truth". We know only too well that this truth can
never be expressed, but at least we can do our part to keep our
search for it on course. So much information was released by the
early Theosophical Societies that even today it is not well
digested. To make matters worse, the original flavoring has been
altered by too many cooks in the kitchen. Almost all, if not all
in fact, of the original writings have been "improved" by these
later hands so finding what the original actually said is getting
more difficult with each new publication.

We have no dogmas to promote. We have no belief system we think
is incumbent on anyone to believe. We appreciate all sincere
attempts to display the truth, even if it is not done in our way,
"the correct way", or imprinted with someone's stamp of
"authority". We do not accept the word of authority, even that
of the Masters, Blavatsky, Judge, or any of the worlds "revealed"
sacred literature. We do respect the opinions of those whose
life efforts demonstrate their sincere care for the "orphan
humanity". We think, among others, Blavatsky and Judge
demonstrated such a care.

Our Home Page is now on-line and ready for review, even though it
is still under construction. We have reproduced several
articles, the first in a series, and certify them as ACCURATE
REPUBLICATIONS OF THE ORIGINALS. We do not promiss they are free
from errors, either ours or those present in the originals. We
do want to be notified of any errors you may find in them, and we
will publish notations to suggest corrections to the originals.

Now on-line are:

* The Voice of the Silence (HP Blavatsky) Original Edition of

* "Culture of Concentration" (WQ Judge) The Path, 1888 & 1890.

* "Pen-Names of William Quan Judge" (Fussell & Small) Eclectic
  Theosophist, 1981.

* "The Paracelsian Order" (JH Drais) Theosophical History, 1991.

* "Roots of Madre Grande" (JH Drais) The Philosopher's Stone,

Viewing of these pages is best done with Netscape 2.01, but it
should be nearly as good on any browser. Turn on-line images on. 
No large graphics, no frames, or other special features are used,
since we found most of our viewers can not yet take advantage of

If you like what you see (or if you don't like what you see)
please email me and let me know. I will notify you of updates
and additional publications as we proceed. If you have a link
you want included on our page, please give us the address. You
may link us to your pages as you wish. We do not yet have a
counter, so your responses will be greatly appreciated.

Try us as

John H Drais, Abbot
The Paracelsian Order
18372 Highway 94
Dulzura CA 91917-1216 USA
(619) 468-3512

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