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Jul 17, 1996 00:14 AM
by Bee Brown

Keith Price wrote:
 >From what people have posted, it would seem there is more interest in VOICE OF
> THE SILENCE because it is Blavatsky and it is less controversial as to its
> origin etc.  I have misplaced my copy.  I have requested from Elizabeth Trumpler
> as to the availability of an electronic ascii type file for uploading.  We could
> take turns typing small portions as we discuss.  So maybe the feeling is right
> for VOICE , though I would prefer ATFM because it is very short and direct, but
> maybe VOICE is too. I would definetly benefit from a reexposure to VOICE as I
> remember the GOLDEN STAIRS of virtues.  I will try to get something going on
> roots by this weekend or if someone wants to post a few pages, feel free.  John
> Mead said roots is best.  I remember when we tried to study the MAHATAMA LETTERS
> and it was rather unmanageable and frustrating for me to keep up with all the
> historical details and personalities.  .  I thought a shorter work would be good
> for those newly interested to theosophy as well as those with historical
> expertise.
> Comments please!
> Namaste
> Keith PriceI don't mind typing in some of it when required. I don't work so I have the 
time and don't forget that while you are all asleep over there, we are up and 
at 'em down her

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