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Re: Aspartame Warning (?! - Doss)

Jul 13, 1996 02:26 PM
by m.k. ramadoss

Glad that Jim responded.

Many diabetics are heavy users of Aspartame. I have personally known a 
person who recently had slight but significant changes in the acuity of 
the vision. Most diabetics can get by without any artificial sweetner.

Even if aspartame is remotely likely to affect the vision of diabetics, 
it is a very serious issue. The above mentioned person has quit using 
aspartame just to totally avoid any risk of it damaging the eye etc.

The person who has put out the alert has collected a lot of information 
and can be retrieved by e-mail. Just send a message to with 
sendme help in "Subject" and nothing in the text. The autoresponder will 
send you by e-mail a complete list of documents available.

Since good health is a serious issue, I urge anyone to read all they can 
and decide what is best for them. If some one falls sick or loses an eye, 
it is going to affect a lot of persons around that person. So I leave it 
to the judgement of each individual.

Again thanks for Jim's feedback.

MK Ramadoss

On Sat, 13 Jul 1996, Jim Meier wrote:

> Remember Alar?
> A perfectly fine insecticide when used as directed.  But not long ago, there
> was a mass hysteria over "poison apples" in little Johnny's school lunch
> program.  Hollywood celebrites who were suddenly experts in toxicology
> testified before Congress, with the result that apples were pulled from the
> school lunch program and there was a multi-million dollar effect on
> agribusiness.  All of that made front pages and 5 o'clock newscasts, of
> course.  When it was later determined that not one of the "experts" had a
> clue about what they'd been saying, that was not so newsworthy.  Bottom
> line: Alar is not and never has been a health hazard, that concentrations
> remaining on an apple skin are in the ppm range, if at all, and if the idea
> of ppm Alar (which is demonstrably harmless) bothers someone, they can still
> just wash the apple before eating it.
> "NeutraPoison"?  Doss, I don't doubt your motives for posting someone else's
> propaganda, but when they use terms like "NeutraPoison" and "grand mal
> seizures of pilots in aircraft cabins," it makes me wonder about their
> objectivity.  Can you imagine the testing that went on about Aspartame,
> developed as it was after all the cyclamate nonsense?  I work in the
> chemical industry, and a dozen or so years ago I was with Kay-Fries, a
> chemical company that supplied cinnamic acid to Searle for aspartame
> production.  Since it was the core of our business, we naturally kept up
> with all the thousands of reports and studies and... I have no problems with
> anyone in my family using all the NeutraSweet they like.  Searle is no
> longer the manufacturer and the process is now different, but aspartame is
> still basically an amino acid structure.  If you can't even kill a rat by
> cramming it full of aspartame instead of food, it's hard to imagine that the
> FDA missed the "neurotoxin" effects alleged in the post.  Diabetics may have
> their own special health requirements, but the rest of us don't need to
> spend the time worrying about artificial sweeteners!   
> Jim

    Peace to all living beings.

    M K Ramadoss

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