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Re: Theosophy (strange energy)

Jul 09, 1996 07:19 PM
by Shaman

> Yes it is very interesting.  An energy yes, an entity--well that is something
> very different.  Perhaps you should try to communicate with it and find out
> what it wants.

I managed to communicate with it...and my sense at this point is that
it is one individual entity that is "representing" the rest of
the b-energy clan. I sent a note to the list about what happened when
I communicated with it. 

I will admit that I was very tempted to ask it silly questions...but
I won't. I was thinking of asking it if the entities are assigned
to a place based on population -- kind of like the House of 
Representatives. :-) With a population of 900,000 - well, that 
should be at least 900 entities, right? 

Seriously, though, I would like to know the structure of such a thing. 
I suppose I will never find out. 


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