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Re: Theosophy

Jul 08, 1996 06:02 AM
by ramadoss

At 04:22 AM 7/8/96 -0400, you wrote:
>In message <Pine.BSD/>,
>"m.k. ramadoss" <> writes
>>No body needs to agree on anything! That is the beauty of Theosophy. 
>>While there are doctrines written by various writers starting from HP 
>>Blavatsky, one of the two founders
>Written in a little haste here, Doss?  *Theosophy* wasn't founded by
>Blavatsky!  And the T.S. had a number of founders (certainly more than
>two) at its first formation in 1875, and they are named by Olcott in
>"Old Diary Leaves."

        Yes, Alan, Hurry!
        Two days ago I sent a response to someone for the  second time. May
be lack of concentration is showing up. Need to re-read, Wood's book on
Concentration! Not yet ready for meditation!

******** Peace to all living beings*****************

         M K Ramadoss

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