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Re: Theosophy

Jul 07, 1996 06:37 PM
by Shaman

Great FAQ. Thanks!! That about covers it, I think. I'm pleased that 
any idea can be presented and discussed. That's what I was looking for. 

Now -- since the majority of you are far more educated in all of this
than I am -- would someone let me know why the hell I am getting
strange energy when I meditate? 

If you can answer *that* one, I owe ya big time! Any offbeat, crazy,
insane, snotty, sarcastic, or even legitimate answer would be well
appreciated. The first five will make me giggle and the last one
will help my meditation. 

bcs <-- thanking God/Universe/Spirit/Odin/Buddha/Allah and every
        other diety known to man, woman and child that this boring,
        long, basically Internet-devoid weekend is coming to an end. 

-- -- 
Baltimore Chessman-Sweeney                     "No significant quote"


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