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Meditation Techniques

Jul 06, 1996 10:37 PM
by Shaman

Hi Ozren... 

> I would rely like to start to meditate but I dont know 
> how.

I can tell you how I do it...and see if it resonates for you. I use
a lot of visualization. The first thing I do is go to my own 
'secret garden' which is a place within me that is very private
and very beautiful. You create that by making a mental picture
of your perfect place. That will be different for everyone. For me,
it is a place with waterfalls and meadows -- wildflowers. It's 
almost entirely geographic that way but I am a very nature-based person.
I wander around in that place and try to focus on the inner peace
within myself. When I do that, I am more able to make contact with
my guides and receive messages. 

Sometimes things come in that you might not want to deal
the thing I wrote about earlier today about getting Baltimore's 
energy. The thing is that it's equally important to not shove that
out because it's coming for a reason. 

That's where the challenge of meditation comes in. Why am I getting
this and what does it mean? 

> Im not the member of any theosophical organization or any 
> organization for that mater so I wonder is it even possible to learn to 
> meditate on my own.

Yes. It is. In fact, it is an entirely solitary thing. At least in
my experience. 

> What are your experiences, are there any specific 
> books you would recommend

Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain is a good one to start with. 

>, any specific material on the NET

I believe there is a newsgroup devoted to it. Grep for "meditation"
in your .newsrc and it should show up. 

> any specific meditation technique recommended for students of theosophy?

Unknown. I was taught by an indivual and have never been a part of
any organization. 

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Baltimore Chessman-Sweeney                     "No significant quote"


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