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Alexis Dolgorukii on "THE DAY THAT THE T.S. DIED"

Jul 05, 1996 01:14 PM
by blafoun (by way of (Blavatsky Foundation))

This posting from alt.theosophy is one of the most
detailed postings by Mr. D. that I have read of his
many postings.  Food for thought.  Does anyone
see any historical fallacies, mistakes, etc.?


> From ">alexis dolgorukii <>:
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> Date: Thu, 04 Jul 1996 19:21:46 -0700
>     ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> On May 8th 1891 Countess Yelena Blavatskaya died, and the movement she
> started began to die. On February 17th, 1907 her associate Colonel Henry
> Steele Olcott died, and Mrs Annie Besant succeeded in her manipulative drive
> to become the supreme leader of THE THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY (ADYAR). On that
> day the theosophical movement went into eclipse and slowly but irretrievably
> died. The various Theosophical Societies have been vampires battening off
> it's corpse.
> The Theosophical Society became the center for the dispersion and promotion
> of the child molester Charles Webster Leadbeater's pathological delusions,
> and the vehicle for Annie Besant's personal ambitions. The Theosophical
> Society (Adyar) accompanied by it's schismatic namesakes, the United Lodge
> of theosophists, and the Point Loma Theosophical Society (now the
> Theosophical Society, Pasadena, commenced a process wherein the speculative
> philosophy presented by Mme. Blavatskaya were permutated into "revealed
> truth" and from that fateful step the process of turning into a "Revealed
> Religion" commenced it's long slow progression. But the theosophical
> movement which she had hoped to found began to "die on the vine", as it were.
> There have been those in the intervening years who have tried desperately to
> get the movement on a track "back to Blavatsky" but it has never really
> seemed to work. One of the reasons is that most of these people were totally
> dedicated to the Blavatsky represented by the "Secret Doctrine" rather than
> the Blavatsky represented by Isis Unveiled". The question one should now as
> is this: "What's the difference?"
> The answer to that question is that anything which was published after
> Yelena Blavatskaya's death cannot be assumed to have issued from her mind
> and pen. Annie Besant and Charles Leadbeater were the theosophical
> equivalents of Bishop Eusebius of Caesarea, they were forgers and thieves of
> history! As far as Blavatskaya's writings are concerned: "Isis Unveiled" (in
> the 1877facsimile edition published by the Theosophy Company ULT) is her
> work and it is just possible that most of the Secret Doctrine, but ONLY in
> the 1888 edition which is published in a facsimile of the original by the
> Theosophy Company ULT ). The so-called Third Volume of the Secret Doctrine
> must be assumed to be entirely invalid and a totally revisionist thing.
> By the way the writer is NOT a member of the ULT, but is a Fellow of The
> Theosophical Society in America, and is the fourth Cousin of Yelena
> Now, I am quite certain that most of Mme. Blavatskaya's magazine articles
> written and published either in her homeland or in her magazine "Lucifer"
> are not tampered with (unless is a reissued form). But we may be sure that
> anything which was purported to be by Mme.. Blavatskaya which was issued by
> the Theosophical society (Adyar), went through the hands of people like
> Charles Leadbeater and George Arundale and James Wedgewood, by whom they
> were "revised and improved".
> But there's another question too. And that question is far more important
> than the many questions concerning Besant, Leadbeater and company, and they
> are so because they concern Yelena Blavatskaya herself. The Yelena
> Blavatskaya that founded the theosophical movement in New York City in 1875
> was a very different person than the H.P.B. who left New York for India in
> 1878 almost immediately after becoming an American Citizen.
> Why was she "different" or rather how did that "difference" manifest itself?
> To answer that question we must look at Yelena as she was prior to 1878.
> Countess or not,  highborn aristocrat or not, Yelena Blavatskaya has been a
> rebellious and revolutionary iconoclast all of her life. She was for most of
> her life (prior to 1875) an really "up-front" Lesbian, but more important
> than that she was an anti-Christian, pro-Democratic revolutionary. "Isis
> Unveiled" is an entirely and openly anti-Christian tract!,She was closely
> associated with revolutionary movements that were largely directed against
> the British Empire and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. She left Russia and
> somehow made it into Tibet by way of it's Northern Border which was within a
> Russian sphere of influence, what happened there, and where she went from
> there we'll never really know because events in her life known to the public
> are entirely sporadic. But she made her way to Paris, and the to Egypt,
> mostly living and dressing as a male, she survived several murder attempts
> (damages from these attempts shortened her life) and in Egypt she was
> involved with various Western Occult societies and then went to Italy where
> she was Closely associated with Garibaldi, Mazzini, and Cavour. She fought
> in the Battle of Mentana as a junior officer of Dragoons (male), then spent
> more time in Paris. Then in the years just before 1875 she turned up in
> America, playing no small role in the spiritualist movement, which really
> fit in to her religious iconoclasm. Then she founded the T.S. This is the
> Blavatsky I love and admire. The in the three years between 1875 and 1878
> she suddenly became a doctrinaire Tibetan Mahayana Buddhist. I do believe
> we'll never know how this totally agnostic person suddenly became a Guru of
> the Tibetan Mahayana Buddhist-Adwaitee Brahmin sect. But she did.
> I am devoted to the theosophical movement as it was founded in 1875 and as
> it was derived from Yelena's entire life style and experience before that
> time. It was an iconoclastic agnostics dream, a way to expand your mind,
> your intelligence and your awareness and grow. Then suddenly the inexorable
> slide into religion began and it has now reached its culmination in "Core
> Doctrinal Theosophy".
> Is there anyone besides me who'd like to return to the original programme?
> alexis dolgorukii

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